Comment and Site Policy

I think most people have a good sense about what they ought or ought not to do in a comments section on someone else’s blog, but there are some who simply lack that common sense. This page is for those people.

Here’s the short version, courtesy of xkcd:

Click to see it at xkcd.

That pretty much sums it up. I pay for this website. I’m cool with disagreement, and open to discussion as long as you’re not behaving like an asshole. When I think you’ve crossed the line, I’ll warn you. Once. Then I ban you, delete or mock the comment, and move on. Don’t like it? Get your own website. 

And don’t come back, for the sake of your own sanity and dignity. I was trolled by a guy once, because something I said in good humor, he decided to take the wrong way. He on-and-off trolled me for a year, till I banned him. A year. Even then, he kept stalking me online, posting comments under a pseudonym. You know what made him stop? When I tracked his IP and discovered he was harassing me from work, and threatened to inform his boss of his weird, obsessive behaviour. 

Seriously, don’t be that guy.

If you hate what you see here, the internet is full of other things. Go enjoy it. If you do stay, I expect you to behave like a civilized human being, to be open to polite discussion and disagreement, to understand I have no obligation to publish your comment if it horrifies or insults me, that you may be subject to moderation at first, and that you don’t post tl;dr. (If you didn’t read the post, then don’t comment: tl;dr comments will be deleted summarily, as they’re a waste of everyone’s time.)