Blogging the Cantos: Series Table of Contents

This is a table of contents for my Blogging Ezra Pound’s The Cantos series here on my blog. Below are the links to the Cantos (and other texts) that I’ve already discussed. The project—or, rather, I suppose, the angle at which I’ve approached it—is a bit unusual, for reasons explained in the first post.

Without further ado:

Blogging Ezra Pound’s The Cantos: Series Contents

  1. Ezra Poundings – The Reboot
  2. Canto I
  3. The Traneumentary, Shooting for Trane, and Pound/Trane in Comparison
  4. Canto II
  5. Canto III
  6. The Ur-Cantos
  7. Canto IV
  8. Canto V
  9. Cantos VI and VII
  10. Cantos VIII-IX (The Malatesta Cantos, Part 1)
  11. Cantos X-XI (The Malatesta Cantos, Part 2)
  12. Cantos XII-XIII (Baldy Bacon and Kung)
  13. “Ezra Poundings”
  14. Pound and the Occult: Leon Surette’s The Birth of Modernism: Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats, and the Occult
  15. Cantos XIV-XV (“The Hell-Cantos”)
  16. Canto XVI — Ending “A Draft of XVI Cantos”
  17. Canto XVII — Toward “A Draft of Cantos 17-27”
  18. Canto XVIII & XIX
  19. Poundmania: On Process and Plans
  20. Canto XX – XXII
  21. Cantos XXIII – XXIV
  22. Cantos XXV-XXVI
  23. A Study From Ontario: Leon Surette’s A Light From Eleusis: A Study of Ezra Pound’s Cantos
  24. Canto XXVII
  25. Canto XXVIII-XXX
  26. Ezra Pound Posts Delayed
  27. The Mays of Ventadorn by W.S. Merwin
  28. Canto XXXI-XXXIII
  29. Cantos XXXIV-XXXVI
  30. Cantos XXXVII-XXXIX
  31. Cantos XL-XLI
  32. Cantos XLII-XLV
  33. Cantos XLVI-XLVII
  34. Cantos XLVIII
  35. Reading the Cantos: A Study of Meaning in Ezra Pound by Noel Stock
  36. Canto XLIX
  37. Canto L
  38. Canto LI
  39. Canto LII
  40. Canto LIII
  41. Canto LIV
  42. Canto LV (Plus, What Do Ezra Pound, Robert Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, and Sun Ra Have In Common?)
  43. Canto LVI & LVII
  44. More on Canto LVII, and Canto LVIII
  45. Canto LIX
  46. Canto LX
  47. Canto LXI
  48. Canto LXII
  49. Canto LXIII
  50. Canto LXIV
  51. Canto LXV