What’s all this?

I’m Gord Sellar, though I guess you probably already know that: after all, you probably arrived here after reading something I’ve written. This website used to be my little corner of the web, though it’s grown into more of an wide-ranging digital commonplace book.

But what’s this website about?

My site’s archives range pretty broadly, since over the years I’ve written about a vast variety of subjects, but these days, I mainly post about media, books, writing, and music, along with other snippets from other fields.

Here’s a taste of some of the things you can find here:

But I’ve also written about everything from Korean history, to advanced saxophone techniques, to cutting-edge science and technology, and much more. Have a look around!

Who’s Gord Sellar?

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I’m a Canadian writer who’s spent almost half his life abroad. I received an M.A. in Creative Writing (at Montréal’s Concordia University) back in 2001, and then I set out to see the world. At the moment, I’m back in South Korea, after a few years spent in Vietnam.

Along the way, I’ve worked as a professor at a few South Korea universities, where I’ve taught Canadian Literature, Creative and Journalistic Writing, American Culture, and survey courses in Stage Drama and Poetry. These days I work at Korea University and mostly teach academic composition and public speaking courses.

Where has your work appeared?

My stories and nonfiction have appeared in a wide range of literary magazines and journals across the English-speaking world, from the UK and the USA to Australia and Singapore, including Clarkesworld, Lontar, Black Static, Interzone, Cosmos, Nature, and Asimov’s Science Fiction as well as in numerous original anthologies and collections. Several of my stories also forthcoming in Korean translation, and a collection of my stories in Italian translation is due out in summer 2016.

My fiction has also been podcast numerous times (see my publications list for links), and appeared in several retrospective and year’s best anthologies since 2009, when I was on the shortlist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. When I attended the Clarion West Workshop in 2006, I was also the recipient for the Susan C. Petrey Memorial Scholarship. In addition, several of my screenplays have been made into award-winning short films.

My academic and critical writings have appeared in Acta Koreana, Arena Journal, and Arena Magazine, and I’ve published nonfiction in Matrix, Munhwa Journal, Clarkesworld, Apex, and Arc. I’ve also been a regular book reviewer for Kyoto Journal since 2013.

What’s that, you want a CV? Okay, here you go. (That’s current as of March 2016, and unreasonably complete.)

What are you working on now?

My main literary project at the moment is a magical-realist historical novel set in Georgian London, in which alchemy, political conspiracy, economic upheaval, folk magic, and the wonders of brewer’s yeast all play major roles.

When I need a break from that, I work on a book of unsettling stories set throughout Korea’s history, and on some collaborative translations of Korean short speculative fiction contracted to appear in an anthology sometime in the next year or so.

Where can I contact you?

There are social media links in the sidebar here, but if you’d like to contact me directly, I’m at [email protected].