Chances are you were brought to this page because you’ve read some of my writing. Here are some things that might interest you, or which you might be looking for:


  • Story Notes: A collection of notes all all my published short fiction, including publication and reprint information, as well as comments on the story, background notes, research, interesting material that didn’t make the cut, and more.
  • My Full Publications List: This spans not just my fiction, but also essays, poems, academic and nonacademic articles, book reviews, and more.
  • My Academia.edu profile: This includes just my academic publications, conference presentations, and academic and nonacademic book reviews

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  • Stuff to Read: a small collection on a separate sub-blog of previously-published fiction and poems, a few songs recorded years years ago, and some unpublished work. This may simply be reintegrated into my main website at some point… we’ll see.

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  • Assorted Writing Related Posts: Just general writing-related posts on my blog. A very broad category, including a lot of stuff related to projects-in-progress.

Resources for Writers:

  • Mental Widgets for Writers: I’ve been slowly building up a collection I’m currently calling a set of “widgets”; previously, I considered them as “etudes” in the musical sense, but too many writers have no idea what that means. Basically, they’re not quite free-form “exercises” of the sort we often see in Creative Writing teaching: they focus instead on some theoretical principle of story, and prescribe ways of exploring it in an unconventional way that is different from writing-as-writing, but which can help you to approach these issues within your writing in a new way.  The posts are organized into a series, which begins here. You also have the option of browsing the whole series (albeit in reverse chronological order, for now).
  • I’ve also written a long essay on the subject of fantastical beers and boozes for people writing speculative fiction, with many observations on brewing and distilling history, links to other resources, basic principles, tips, and more. It’s titled “Imaginary Beers & Boozes: A Primer for the SFF Writer.”