On Hand-Phones, as we call them in Korea…

Cell Phone Don’t have it yet, but I will soon. Quite the thing, getting one as a foreigner. It’s very involved. Dabang’s Website … is still coming soon. But this time I think it’s actually coming. Seong Hwan is calling the server people tomorrow to have them fix the bloody mess, as all the files […]

More Rambling About Life

Life in General I was up late last night copying links for my sidebar. Ungh. Now I must go attempt to teach, and then it’s a lunch date with some old friends, writing up report cards (I had to peel your boy off the wall last week. Please feed him less sugar. or Your child […]

My Korean Studies

Studying Korean. It’s hard. But fun, at least. Yes, really. These days, I am working on things like: – being able to say things in the imperative, like “Stop the car over there please,” or “Give me a phone card, please,” or “You have a nice day, now, y’hear?” – being able to do negations […]

The Big Sleep

These days, since my novel has taken the turn into somehow morphing into a kind of futuristic potboiler, I’ve taken it upon myself to read some mystery novels. During a trip to Seoul I managed to pick up an old, abused hardcover copy of Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep. I’m precisely halfway through it and […]

New President in Korea Knows His Fish…

I just had lunch with a co-worker, Thai, and we watched the (?) inauguration of the new South Korean President, Noh Mu Hyun. He looks pretty young, and fairly happy about his new job. I myself would be terrified, but then maybe his confidence is warranted. I hope so, considering the way things are going […]