So About That Novel I’ve Been Writing…

Having finished a draft I finally feel is, well, finished (in its way), I guess this is as good a time as any to jot down some thoughts on the project so far.  Those not interested in a look at the fumbling, stumbling, and very difficult process it took me to get to the end […]

Trail of Cthulhu: First Impressions & Campaign Journal

I had a chance to join an online game of Trail of Cthulhu (on the local Discord tabletop RPG server), and we had our first session last night. I though I’d record my thoughts here, and then follow up with a brief journal entry in-character. If you’re not interested in RPGs, you may want to skip […]

Old Movie Promo Posters in Korea

This entry is part 67 of 67 in the series SF in South Korea

In Korean cinemas, upcoming and currently-running films are advertised using handouts (available on a stand within the cinema) that are A4 printouts of the film’s poster on the front, with a writeup and some still frames from the film on the back. Maybe these exist in Canada now too, but I’d never seen such a […]

“The First Quest” AD&D Double LP

I mentioned the other day that it was interesting the Engel RPG got an official RPG album of music, and suggested this was an interesting idea whose time had not yet come. Afterward, I remembered seeing ads in Dragon for some bellydancing music that got repackaged as RPG music albums:  I wonder how many people […]

Johnny Appleseed, Apple Genetics, and Burnt Orchards

One of the podcasts I listen to quite a bit is Stuff You Missed in History Class. They recently ran a “classic” episode demystifying the life of Johnny Appleseed, as John Chapman has become known.  Now, all I really knew about him was from the Disney cartoon and one volume about the man in the […]