Perspective… and Pizza

A while ago I mentioned being in the “home stretch” on the book I’m writing. A bunch of people were very encouraging when I said that, which, well, encouraged me. (Thanks, everyone.) Thing is, I still am in that home stretch, pretty close to where I was at the time I made that comment, in […]

My First Car Accident (Er, Okay, Second)

Edit: By the light of day, I realize that what I’ve written up below was my second car accident; the first happened on the first night I went out driving with my dad, the day I received my learner’s license in Middle School. The similarities to this case are a bit surprising: it was also […]

The Fullness or Emptiness of the Glass

I’ve mostly backed off “serious” discussions on Facebook, with the exception of an occasional comment here and there. It’s not just because Noeul keeps me busy: It’s because while I like being able to say hi to friends occasionally, and get a whiff of news in the SFF world, share pictures and tidbits of news, […]

Location, Location, Relocation…

So, one thing that surprised people was our seemingly sudden move back to Korea. Not just because people were surprised that we moved so suddenly, but also because we chose to come back to Korea specifically. Like any major decision in life, it’s a complex mix of things, some of which I won’t talk about […]

My Favorite Painting?

A former student emailed me, asking–among other things–for advice about things to enjoy during her upcoming visit to Montréal. One of the things I suggested was to visit the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, and I couldn’t help but mention my favorite painting there, which, unsurprisingly, is of a teacher. Here it is: I know, […]