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The other day, I added a few assorted RPG-related items over on my page.  The first two are individual scenarios for Epidiah Ravachol’s game Dread, and the third is a set of playbooks for Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco (classic edition, which is available here, among other places).  The first Dread scenario is titled “Saigon Ex-Frat Apocalypse.” I […]

A Lovely Discussion of a Lovely Story

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I’m late catching up—it’s been one of those weeks—but on the radio a few days ago, Paul Matthews (@ajosshi) discussed our translation of Bae Myung-hoon’s lovely short story “The Peppers of Green Scallion,” which originally appeared in Clarkesworld a few years ago.  Listening to Paul read from and discuss the story was a delight for […]