Perspective… and Pizza

A while ago I mentioned being in the “home stretch” on the book I’m writing. A bunch of people were very encouraging when I said that, which, well, encouraged me. (Thanks, everyone.) Thing is, I still am in that home stretch, pretty close to where I was at the time I made that comment, in […]

Dad and the Ostensibly Zulu Floor Hockey Stick War Dance

Just because I’ve tweeted it (in much shorter form) doesn’t mean I won’t blog it. I’ve been thinking a lot about my Dad lately. He passed away in 2006, and some of the stuff I’m working through now has brought up old memories that I’d forgotten. One of them occurred to me on the way […]

Bye, Yves

I don’t know my realtives on the French-Canadian side of my family too well, but I know that it’s been a hard few years. The uncle who used to chase us around the house hollering mock-threateningly (with a huge smile on his face) that he was the Cookie Monster and he was going to eat […]

The Story of Banana Mountain

My father used to tell me stories all the time, stories of the Old Country. That Old Country being Nyasaland, of course, and sometimes Rhodesia. Neither of those countries existed by the time he left the Old Country with my mother and me for Canada. His stories were weird in the kind of way that […]