Bye, Yves

I don’t know my realtives on the French-Canadian side of my family too well, but I know that it’s been a hard few years. The uncle who used to chase us around the house hollering mock-threateningly (with a huge smile on his face) that he was the Cookie Monster and he was going to eat us up, he passed on not so long ago. (It feels like a little while ago.)

And I just go the eulogy for my uncle Yves by email from my cousin Carlo. Liver cancer, sudden, unexpected. He passed away about a week and a half ago. I didn’t hear until now, but that’s not so weird, given how out of touch I am with my sisters, and how sadly occasional my calls home to Mum are. (It’s even more occasional I get through, of course, but that’s another matter entirely.) And actually, I think I’ve been the last to hear about every death in our family. It’s a function of living far, far away, in part.

Anyway, I didn’t really know Yves very well — less well than some of my other uncles, really — but I still feel like something’s gone missing. Being so far from family, all my life — not just in Korea, but in Western Canada, too — I guess I missed something the other cousins didn’t, a kind of constancy.

I haven’t gotten through to my Mum yet. I think I’ll try calling again now…

… and I didn’t get through. So I think I’ll go bug this little one and see if she cheers me up a bit…

The only creature besides me awake at this hour in the whole building...
The only creature besides me awake at this hour in the whole building... claws, attitude, and all... the cat, I mean.

2 thoughts on “Bye, Yves

  1. Its funny, I just posted to my blog in a similar vein.

    My favorite cousin’s widow sent out an email mentioning that it was his birthday. And she said things I didn’t know about him.
    It is so strange to grieve for and miss someone of whom you have very few memories.

    When folks with scattered families are kids, sometimes our parents push us to be connected to our relatives. But as adults, we see them for what they are: strangers with a claim on our hearts.
    Family is so weird.

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