While I Work On Yet Another Broken Story…

… like the one I mentioned the other day, here are some not-broken stories for you to go and enjoy, one new and a few not-so-new, all by people I know personally and do crit with (or have done), but that’s not why I’m recommending them — I’m recommending them because they’re good: “As We […]

Alone With Gandhari

As of right now, my story “Alone With Gandhari” is online as part of Clarkesworld issue #42. (Yeah!) If you’re more of a fiction listener, I can happily direct you to the wonderful Clarkesworld podcast of the story in which the tale is narrated (and briefly but insightfully commented upon) by the ever-sensitive and dramatic […]

Spider & Jeanne Robinson Fundraiser (& Sofanaut Award Shortlist)

So, the crew of the good Starship Sofa are running a fundraiser for Spider and Jeanne Robinson, for the latter is struggling with a pernicious sort of cancer. If you donate, you can have a copy of Lawrence Santoro’s “Lord Dickens’s Declaration” in ebook form, in addition to the free podcast of the story (starting […]

A Random Linkdump and Concert Tonight…

No time to post anything too significant today, or for the next couple of days. Oh yeah: this is late notice, y’all, but… Hwang Shin Hae Band is playing tonight. No idea if there are tickets available but I’ll be there a few hours early, trying to get one! Show’s at 8, and here’s a […]

Lester Young Podcast Live @ Starship Sofa!!!

Yes, here it is! Tony  at Starship Sofa has posted this week’s podcast, which includes a wonderful dramatic reading by J.J. Campanella of my Asimov’s novelette “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues.” The cover art for this issue is an excellent scene from the story by artist Skeet Scienski (who also has an audio […]