Big News!

I apologize for the lack of activity here. I have a lot going on, between working on several writing projects (fiction and scripts alike) and trying to get some stuff done around the house. In the process, I’ve let the Blogging Ezra Pound’s Cantos project slide a bit, though I do have a post about […]

Hugo Bids? Send the Sofa Some Love

I’m not really campaigning for a Hugo or a Nebula or anything like that, folks. 2009 was a very slow year for me, and the short story competition is huge. I love both of my published stories from 2009, but I’m much more excited about the stories coming out in 2010. Still, I guess I’m […]

Spider & Jeanne Robinson Fundraiser (& Sofanaut Award Shortlist)

So, the crew of the good Starship Sofa are running a fundraiser for Spider and Jeanne Robinson, for the latter is struggling with a pernicious sort of cancer. If you donate, you can have a copy of Lawrence Santoro’s “Lord Dickens’s Declaration” in ebook form, in addition to the free podcast of the story (starting […]

If Yo Ass is Doing WorldCon

Then yo ass might appreciate these bitlets: The 2009 Hugo Voter Packet, kindly assembled by John Scalzi, is now available for everyone who is eligible to vote. If you’re attending or a supporting member, you are eligible to download it. More details on Scalzi’s blog — it’s freaking huge, and full of amazing stuff… including […]

Linky Stuff

Linky stuff is less fun than kinky stuff, from what I vaguely recall, but hey, this is the internet and we’ll take what we can get, right? When I was playing in a local student big band in Saskatoon, the guy on second tenor was the funniest person I’d met up until then. His name […]