More Early Modern Women Adventurers (… and others)

You read my post about Mary Ambree and Dianne Dugaw’s scholarship on women warriors in popular 16th-18th century English culture, and now you want more, you say? You’re in luck: the excellent Stuff you Missed in History Class podcast (which I listen to a lot these days, while driving) has made a few pertinent episodes […]

Listen to “Improperly Prepared Blowfish”

Well, one of the first stories I sold professionally has finally been podcast over at Machine of Death. Download/listen to it here, and my thoughts and reflections about the story here. Brett Donnelly did a great narration, and I’m pleased with it! For those who missed the news, I also have a story forthcoming in […]

Starship Sofa’s Latest…

You know, I haven’t actually read much of Jack Vance, but the interview in the latest Starship Sofa was pretty damned interesting… and I’ll listen to the story by Kim Stanley Robinson (in the same podcast) later, as I need to get some work done tonight. Though I did find it nice not to be […]

Hugo Bids? Send the Sofa Some Love

I’m not really campaigning for a Hugo or a Nebula or anything like that, folks. 2009 was a very slow year for me, and the short story competition is huge. I love both of my published stories from 2009, but I’m much more excited about the stories coming out in 2010. Still, I guess I’m […]

Sofanauts 3!

Hey, so the new podcast over at Starship Sofa — Sofanauts, which is a sort of remote-pub-chat about SF — is up, and I’m one of the people in on the discussion, along with the wonderfully opiniontastic Jeremy Tolbert (now of Escape Pod) and the inimitable voice talent Ray Sizemore, as well as The Tony […]