Interview by Tate

I only vaguely remember answering  these questions, for good reason: Tate’s ESL Travel Chronicle interviewed me last year but I must have missed when the interview was posted. Here it is, for the  curious. (Funny reading this, now that I’m no longer in Korea.) Since it’s mainly about my life in Korea, and not about my […]

The William G! He Interviewed Me

Yes, the comics artist (and occasional commenter here) William George briefly interviewed me for his blog, on writing, SF, and ideas. Check out the interview over at Dimes for Nickels! (And while you’re there, check out Yes You Can! (which starts here), his bizarre, fun fantasy webcomic featuring a mage-girl named Black Berry (duh!) Cherry […]


Two interviews with me have recently been published in Korea, both of them quite long. They may be of interest to anyone curious about stuff like what it’s like to be an expat writing SF, my personal thoughts on Korean SF and the Korean SF scene, and so on. The first interview was conducted and […]

Two Interviews

Here are two interviews worth looking at: Arafat Kazi talks to the inimitable Paolo Bacigalupi, and Avi Solomon interviews the brilliant Ted Chiang. Both of these interviews deal with their most recent works, neither of which I’ve read yet but Bacigalupi’s novel is high in my pile of books to get to, and Chiang’s is […]