The William G! He Interviewed Me

Yes, the comics artist (and occasional commenter here) William George briefly interviewed me for his blog, on writing, SF, and ideas. Check out the interview over at Dimes for Nickels! (And while you’re there, check out Yes You Can! (which starts here), his bizarre, fun fantasy webcomic featuring a mage-girl named Black Berry (duh!) Cherry Berry.

(Though I love the name Black Berry…)

9 thoughts on “The William G! He Interviewed Me

  1. William,

    She did!


    Eh? (BTW BlackBerries weren’t on my radar till a while after I left Canada. I hard of them in some TV show I think, or online, and only later heard they were Canadian.)

  2. re: BlackBerries

    I imagine that they’re rather passé now, with their tiny screens and tinier keyboards. Everything’s evolved into “smart phones” with haptic technology. (Even BlackBerries, come to think of it.)

  3. They started to get popular enough here that I saw students using them… until the iPhone came out, and bam! those were everywhere. The haptics on Korean phones are less, er… well, actually, they’re just plain less.

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