Daniel Pink’s The Adventures of Johnny Bunko… in Korean.

I’m not sure how applicable the good common sense in this book is for the Korean job market, but Pink’s advice seemed good to me when I read the English version. It’s available in Korean, and I’d recommend it for whichever students come to you with career questions.

If nothing else, it gives a message other than the ones they seem most likely to get from the (often misery-inducing) advice of their friends and families.

One thought on “Daniel Pink’s The Adventures of Johnny Bunko… in Korean.

  1. I don’t know of this book but it sounds great if indeed it will provide students with a different perspective than the totally misery-inducing pronouncements of peers and parents.

    Overall I have found that women seem more flexible about their job possibilities. Men get told that they had better work for a Chaebol or else it doesn’t count. They think a Chaebol is going to employ them for the rest of their life (if hired) when in fact the global job market is totally changed and NOBODY gets hired for life anymore. Parents have no idea about this and send university kids totally unrealistic messages about what kind of job they HAVE to get.

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