Lester Young Podcast Live @ Starship Sofa!!!

Yes, here it is! Tony  at Starship Sofa has posted this week’s podcast, which includes a wonderful dramatic reading by J.J. Campanella of my Asimov’s novelette “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues.” The cover art for this issue is an excellent scene from the story by artist Skeet Scienski (who also has an audio segment on genre art!) — I’m blown away by that art, man! — and the story is introduced by Sheila Williams, the editor of Asimov’s SF!

(I also do a little outro on the background for the story.)

There’s also poetry by Bruce Boston, and some fact pieces I’m sure are interesting — I’ve just gotten home and must got to bed, so I’m saving the full podcast for my morning hike. (But of course I’m listening to it now. How can I resist. Is it good? Of course it’s good. Aww. You can’t see me smiling, can you?)

I hope Tony and Skeet don’t mind my grabbing the image to present the link to the post with the podcast.

Yes, this is a character in my story. Squee!
Yes, this is a character in my story. Squee!

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