TTA Press Launches New Podcast

If you’re a listener of the Escape Pod family (including PseudoPod and PodCastle), or Starship Sofa, this is for you.

TTA Podcast imgMy classmate and friend from Clarion West, Maura McHugh, mentioned during an email discussion that TTA Press — publishers of Interzone, Black Static, and Crimewave — has launched a fiction podcast. There’s a new story every couple of weeks, taken from one of the magazines listed above.

They started with a killer story by Tim Akers titled “The Algorithm,” that is… well, some kind of bizarre clockpunk theological fantasy. Which you might not think I’d go for, but I absolutely loved when I read in print. I’m listening to it now, and it rocks as audio fiction too. Good narration, cool story…

Hell, just go hear it for yourself…

4 thoughts on “TTA Press Launches New Podcast

  1. Thank you for providing me with a new source of entertainment. You rocketh muchly.

    And this is apropos of nothing, but have you gotten your membership for Anticipation yet, coz the rates just went up if I remember correctly, or they will soon.

  2. I’m looking at the website and trying to figure out if there really isn’t an online form where I can register?

    Is it really true that I need to print a PDF and fax or mail it (or scan and email it) to them?

    That seems so… 1996.

    Or am I just not seeing the online registration option?

    Oh, never mind, I emailed them to ask.

    And by the way, you’re welcome!

  3. That’s weird, I swore we had online reg. I’ll ask Rene the next time I see him online, wanted to point some Finnish fans at the site as well since of course I didn’t have my forms on me when they asked…. Also you may want to sign up to participate in programming I think, the form for that is definitely online!


  4. Val,

    I got a response to my inquiry, and it looks like online registration will be possible in a couple of weeks! (Since it looks like rates are only going up in December, I think I can wait till the online system is running.)

    Programming? I dunno… who am I? :)

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