More Early Modern Women Adventurers (… and others)

You read my post about Mary Ambree and Dianne Dugaw’s scholarship on women warriors in popular 16th-18th century English culture, and now you want more, you say? You’re in luck: the excellent Stuff you Missed in History Class podcast (which I listen to a lot these days, while driving) has made a few pertinent episodes […]

A Late Bow of the Head

Damn, I fall behind on blogs and the rest of the world, and then this happens. I found out because weeks ago Ellen Datlow posted about Thomas Disch’s passing, and a particularly saddening way of going. Of course, I never met him. In fact, I’d only read a few of Disch’s books — 334 being […]

Mark Twain Scrapbook

Over at Second Story Publications I found a link to a beautiful project called the Mark Twain Scrapbook. This is an exquisite and interesting digital scrapbook bio of Mark Twain. Nice-eu, as is said in Konglish.