My Wife, and Her Ass-Kicking Ways…

Yeah, she got another award: this time, it’s the Abby Normal Award for Innovation, awarded by the Zompire Undead Film Festival in Portland. (See the post on Brutal Rice Productions’ site.) (I’m not quite sure why my name is on there, since I didn’t co-direct. Maybe they felt that the “innovation” was related to the […]

The Sociality of Filmmaking

I mentioned recently how getting involved in a number of indie film projects has taught me a lot about filmmaking. Well, that’s true in a number of ways.

Under the Knife Trailer

Well, I just heard back from my friend Josh Hoffman, who’s working on the rough cut for his indie horror/thriller film, Under the Knife. This is, to be clear, Josh’s film, not ours, though we did show up to help out on production for a couple of days during the shoot. (Which was, if I […]

The Stuff I’ve Been Doing of Late

This is just a quick update for those wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while. There’s snaps of food I’ve cooked, a rare recording of the current state of my sax playing as of right now (and a discussion of an online course in jazz improvisation I’m taking with Gary Burton, yes, that Gary Burton), and a little discussion of my writing.