My Wife, and Her Ass-Kicking Ways…

Yeah, she got another award: this time, it’s the Abby Normal Award for Innovation, awarded by the Zompire Undead Film Festival in Portland. (See the post on Brutal Rice Productions’ site.)


(I’m not quite sure why my name is on there, since I didn’t co-direct. Maybe they felt that the “innovation” was related to the script, or something, I’m not sure… but in this case, I really wasn’t very involved in the making of the movie… just the story and one draft of the script, soundtrack, and a little scattered foley, none of which are things that give one “collaborator” status in the film world. So… I’m a little puzzled.)

Oh, and for those wondering what the “Abby Normal” Award name is all about: it’s a riff on a gag from Young Frankenstein:

Either way, that’s two short films, and two awards. Pretty damned good show.

But of course, she’s got her head down and is working on the next project in the pipeline, editing and working on special effects for our adaptation of the famous Korean SF novella “The Proxy War” (대리전) by Djuna, a very challenging project.

The elevator pitch? Picture Men in Black–but with Korean female heroes–in a world with a secret alien sex-tourism industry; then mash that up with  Invasion of the Body Snatchers… then picture it done the way Chris Marker would have done La Jetée, if he were doing it in 2013. It’s got gore, romance, comedy, action, and enough big ideas to make your ansible explode in mid-transmission….

Yeah, a lot of work, this new picture, even if it’s only a short film.

So anyway, Mrs. Jiwaku wants to do a good job on it, and it’s a very challenging project, but it should be finished early next year. I’m also assisting in the general imagery design and editing process, along the way, and will probably be doing some of the graphics work as well, but my main work from here on in will be once more editing the script, since (almost) all of the dialog in the film is voice-overs, as in La Jetée… so we’re free to edit it down to fit with the flow of the images a little better. Then, I should finally be working on the soundtrack and doing up a rough foley track for the film, sometime around January or February. 

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