Tales of Malawi, 1950-1975

Last year, my wife conspired with my sister Marie to acquire for me a reprint of a book my sister had printed up chronicling some of the stories my dad had told Marie and her husband Troy as they’d prepared for a trip to Malawi and South Africa many years ago. It took some work […]

Daerijeon: The Proxy War—Online Now!

Well, folks, it took two and a half years—actually, almost three—but finally, Mrs. Jiwaku’s short film adaptation of the famous Korean SF writer/film-critic Djuna‘s novella (so-so translation here), “Daerijeon: The Proxy War” is online. You can see it over at Youtube, though I’ll embed it here for your convenience: Note, that’s set to autoload the English subtitles by […]

Brutal Rice Films—Out and Coming Soon!

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Making "The Music of Jo Hyeja"

I’ve mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter, but my wife has been releasing the films she’s made so far on Youtube, every ten days in July. They’re Korean-language films, but with English (and sometimes other) subtitles. On July 10th, she posted her award-winning debut short “The Music of Jo Hyeja”, which regular readers will know is our […]

My Wife, and Her Ass-Kicking Ways…

Yeah, she got another award: this time, it’s the Abby Normal Award for Innovation, awarded by the Zompire Undead Film Festival in Portland. (See the post on Brutal Rice Productions’ site.) (I’m not quite sure why my name is on there, since I didn’t co-direct. Maybe they felt that the “innovation” was related to the […]