Daerijeon: The Proxy War—Online Now!

Well, folks, it took two and a half years—actually, almost three—but finally, Mrs. Jiwaku’s short film adaptation of the famous Korean SF writer/film-critic Djuna‘s novella (so-so translation here), “Daerijeon: The Proxy War” is online. You can see it over at Youtube, though I’ll embed it here for your convenience:

Note, that’s set to autoload the English subtitles by Youtube’s caption function. You might want to resize the captions so they look good (and they look best in fullscreen mode).

If you do enjoy it, please share it! That’s pretty much the biggest encouragement you can give her as a film director, and it will help ensure that she takes up future projects like this.

And if you enjoyed it, there’s more information about the film over at the Brutal Rice Productions website’s page for the film.

There’s also a free-for-download soundtrack, as well:

I also wrote up a little post (with image galleries) on some of the software we used to produce images like these for the film:

Director Nam Smoking: Morphed

Dyson Swarm (Still Shot)

Baeng Melea: Processed


There’s more Brutal Rice news coming soon, but that’s it for now!

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