Daerijeon: The Proxy War—Online Now!

Well, folks, it took two and a half years—actually, almost three—but finally, Mrs. Jiwaku’s short film adaptation of the famous Korean SF writer/film-critic Djuna‘s novella (so-so translation here), “Daerijeon: The Proxy War” is online. You can see it over at Youtube, though I’ll embed it here for your convenience: Note, that’s set to autoload the English subtitles by […]

Korean SF Festival 2014

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Those tracking Korean SF might be pleased to note that the Gwacheon International SF Film Festival I blogged about a while back–and which has continued over the years since–has expanded into a kind of Korean SF Festival, full stop. There’s a big film component, but there seems to be much more than screenings and an exhibit nowadays, which is great! It runs […]

A.M. 11:00 (11 A.M.)

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Well, I finally sat down and watched the Korean Sf film A.M. 11:00 with Mrs. Jiwaku last night. It’s a time travel outing I heard about (and mentioned here) ages ago; delays on film releases never bode well, but I thought the premise sounded promising, so we gave it  a shot anyway. Sadly, it was […]

Asia’s First Steampunk Art Exhibition

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Well, we’re back from our trip to Korea. Many missions were accomplished, though the visit was too short to see everyone I would have liked to. I focused on seeing the people who probably won’t be in Korea next time I’m there, as those folks are always harder to see again later. While I was […]

Articles on Korean SF in _list Magazine

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For those interested in South Korean SF, but unable to read it themselves (like me) you will be interested in the little treasure trove of articles I’ve just run across on the subject. They were published as part of the Summer 2013 issue of the magazine _List, which appears to be published by the Literature […]