Brutal Rice Films—Out and Coming Soon!

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I’ve mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter, but my wife has been releasing the films she’s made so far on Youtube, every ten days in July. They’re Korean-language films, but with English (and sometimes other) subtitles. On July 10th, she posted her award-winning debut short “The Music of Jo Hyeja”, which regular readers will know is our […]

My Wife, and Her Ass-Kicking Ways…

Yeah, she got another award: this time, it’s the Abby Normal Award for Innovation, awarded by the Zompire Undead Film Festival in Portland. (See the post on Brutal Rice Productions’ site.) (I’m not quite sure why my name is on there, since I didn’t co-direct. Maybe they felt that the “innovation” was related to the […]

“Natural Selection” Trailer

UPDATE (18 August 2013): I forgot to mention, this short film will be screening in Portland early this October at Zompire: The Undead Film Festival. In fact, it was the first film mentioned among those that got “early selection” for the festival, and I couldn’t be prouder of Mrs. Jiwaku, who directed the film. Original […]