“Natural Selection” Trailer

UPDATE (18 August 2013): I forgot to mention, this short film will be screening in Portland early this October at Zompire: The Undead Film Festival. In fact, it was the first film mentioned among those that got “early selection” for the festival, and I couldn’t be prouder of Mrs. Jiwaku, who directed the film.

Original Post: The Korean title is “Natural Selection” (well, the Korean equivalent: <자연선택설>) but the English title isn’t, though Mrs. Jiwaku and I both call the film by that working title.

(The English title is “Environmental Pressures & Species Adaptation” which, okay, whatever…)

Anyway, we finally got a trailer up, with all new soundtrack music by yours truly (and yeah, it’s supposed to sound like that):

This trailer just went up earlier this week. For those not on Facebook, now you can see it. (More info on the short film, plus a link to the downloadable soundtrack for the movie itself, over on the movie’s page at BrutalRice.com.)

And yeah, I’ll be posting an actual post soon. It’s been a hectic week-and-a-half.

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