The Sociality of Filmmaking

I mentioned recently how getting involved in a number of indie film projects has taught me a lot about filmmaking. Well, that’s true in a number of ways.

Ze Art Off Traduction…

Earlier this semester, I noticed a senior student had signed up for an intro-level conversation course. I asked her what she was doing there, and she just kind of shrugged. When I told her that she and I both knew she didn’t need the course, she told me it was a requirement for graduation. Now, […]


I’ve been dealing with a number of different fires that have broken out lately, including: myself, then Miss Jiwaku, being quite sick in the last week and a half the necessity of finalizing audio tracks for the film we’re making before next Friday (though the deadline was initially today, when I was still quite ill!) […]

By the Way

There’s one more little clause in my contract which I need to consider carefully when running this site… I am not allowed to disparage the Church of its teachings. I am assuming this means in-class, but given that my name, googled, leads directly to this site, it seems some of my rants on theology shall […]

Big Move

Well, here’s the big news, for those of you who didn’t see a mass email from me: I have taken a department job over at Jeonju University. It begins at the end of August, so I will be on staff at Wonkwang until the mid-August holidays, and then I will begin over at Jeonju University […]