By the Way

There’s one more little clause in my contract which I need to consider carefully when running this site…

I am not allowed to disparage the Church of its teachings. I am assuming this means in-class, but given that my name, googled, leads directly to this site, it seems some of my rants on theology shall have to be assigned to the private section.

(UPDATE: Not anymore! I’m free! Free! Hahahaha! Thus… this post is now public!)

But for almost $200 a month more than I thought I would be making, and for approximately $800 a month more than I was making in Jeonju, I think I can handle doing that for a few years — I can always make my posts on the subject public once I have moved on… and honestly, I’m much quicker to criticize Protestant religion than the Church. It’s a weak point, perhaps, or maybe it’s a smidgen of respect from my upbringing, and for the really respectable Catholics I’ve known, compared to the very few despicable Protestants I’ve known.

(UPDATE: I still prefer the Catholics to the Protestants in Korea, but that doesn’t make the Catholics good. Some are, but Catholicism is still a horrible, horrible institution that needs to be razed from the world. So there.)

Anyway, it’s the cleanup of my archives that I’m dreading, honestly. That’ll be a long job. After the holiday.

Time to quit blogging, the PC is free but someone else is waiting for access.

4 thoughts on “By the Way

  1. Grin. Okay, I shall limit myself to that. Thanks, Joshua. By the way, if you’re still interested in trading that Bertrand Russell book for the one I mentioned on my blog a long time ago, let me know.

  2. Cool. Just email me your postal address and I’ll post it to you when I get home. Since I don’t yet know my address for March onward, you’ll have to wait to reciprocate… :)

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