On Our Way Out

Lime and I are at the Incheon Airport. A few hours ago we met the secretary from the University I’ll be working at from March onward, so I could sign my contract for my new job there: the paperwork is being handled a little later than normal, and there was no contract for me to sign until Thursday. Since I couldn’t come to Seoul on Friday, she generously agreed to come meet me in Seoul, even though today was the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday. We had a nice chat after I signed the contracts, and then parted ways — us to the airport, and she back home to enjoy the holiday with her folks.

There were a couple of small surprises in that contract, but absolutely nothing to complain about! As a matter of fact, each of them was a good one — slightly better pay than was originally mentioned in my second interview, and a contract completely in very clear and well-written English, for starters! Anyway, I was holding off announcing the news specifically until I got a chance to sign the contract, but now I have, so there’s no sense in keeping mum.

I will be working for at least the next year — hopefully longer — in Bucheon. By coincidence, Lime will be interning at one or more of the University Hospitals affiliated with Catholic University. Since this is a new beginning, and since Lime will be dreadfully busy for the next few years, it’s the perfect time for a holiday, though we have too short a time to go to Canada.

So off we go to Thailand, this afternoon. Warm weather, beach and nice food.

2 thoughts on “On Our Way Out

  1. Hey Gord!
    Have a great time down there. I remember mentioning Krabi and the blue village the other day. If you end up down in that part of Thailand the Blue village is located in Aonang and the Canadian man who manages the place is Richard.
    Enjoy your time.

  2. Yes sir! We just bought our tickets to Krabi — more expensive than you suggested, but that’s life — and I am bearing the Blue Village in mind for when we arrive. Richard, huh? I’ll remember it. Thanks for the recommendation…

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