From Somewhere Near Khao San

Hey. We made it here, last night, exhausted but in one piece. We just got tickets to Krabi tomorrow, and beach beach beach. I must be old or something, as this appeals to me more than it used to. Or maybe I’m just looking forward to getting out of Bangkok. The part I’m in hasn’t changed in years, except of course the prices are a touch higher for some goods.

I have some decent books picked up used around here, Lime did some shopping as well — hers more efficient and intelligent than mine. We have discovered that we can overcome our individual reticence to barter by giving off a vibe that the person who isn’t buying something thinks it’s way too expensive. This causes the person selling to bring the price down. I think it works well.

Lots of thoughts, but no inclination to go past noting them in my notebooks, for now. Ideas for writing floating about in full force today, but I shall resign myself to plotting only — planning the next thing I write, and not do any writing at all while here.

2 thoughts on “From Somewhere Near Khao San

  1. Dan brought down the price of several items by about 10% by indicating he didn’t want to pay full price for ALL of them, but would probably buy all if he got a quantity discount.

    Enjoy the books. :)

  2. Yup, buying a few things at a time can bring a good discount… more than 10%, even!

    As for the books, I was careful to get things that I couldn’t get at an equivalent price in Korea. (ie. rarer, or out of print, or just very good deals.) The used books in Bangkok are suggestive of the people here… lots of cool, edgy SF and science and so on. :)

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