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Linky stuff is less fun than kinky stuff, from what I vaguely recall, but hey, this is the internet and we’ll take what we can get, right?

When I was playing in a local student big band in Saskatoon, the guy on second tenor was the funniest person I’d met up until then. His name was Jason — I can’t remember his family name, but he was Jason the tenor player — and  he once said of his job at a video store, “Man, I was so busy today I didn’t have time to take a sh*t!”

Suffice it to say I know now exactly what he meant. (And if I haven’t emailed you yet, sorry, but the flood of 30-40 emails a day is something I resigned myself to not keeping up with at any sensible rate. Patience, my netkittens and voidbots of the ether. I will get back to you if Santa tells me you’ve been bad, I promise.) But anyway, in the midst of all that busy craziness, I thought I’d take a second to link a few cool things you might want to see.

One of them is a post by David Anthony Durham, a fellow Campbell Award nominee who is doing highlights on the whole lot of us. He did a post on Aliette de Bodard, and the next post was about me. (There’s some video in there that brought back oooooold memories.) As Mr. Durham writes, all the nominees seem like such interesting folks, and I am definitely looking forward to meeting up with as many of them as possible in Montreal.

(By the way, Mr. Durham’s very interesting interview with Mary Robinette Kowal is here.)

Another thing to check out is a post by Aliette de Bodard on writing in a foreign language. As someone who struggles to even read snippets of SF or SF criticism in a foreign language–hell, even Korean comic books mystify me much of the time — I’ve got to pay her some respect. (Though, again, I have resolved — when I am less busy — to start studying Korean again. If I study, I can learn. If I continue not to study, I will not learn. It’s as simple as that. A student offered to tutor me, recently, but then she dropped out of school for the semester to take on an internship, so, uh, there goes that opportunity!)

Finally, there are a couple of stories by my pal Tina Connolly up at Strange Horizons (“Turning the Apples”) and at Podcastle (“Birthday Wish”). Worth your time, folks, assuming you have any. And hey, my other pal Ian McHugh has a story up at Drabblecast, too (“The Alchemical Automaton”).

Oh, and for those of you who can read Korean, I got profiled/interviewed here. I’m liking the first photo a lot, and the photographer gave me the pics for my own use, so expect a front-page/bio update soon.

5 thoughts on “Linky Stuff

  1. “Linky stuff is less fun than kinky stuff, from what I vaguely recall ..”

    I guess that would depend on the graphs of the links, and the graphs of the kinks .. :)

  2. If you want to study Korean then you can go to that place where Mark is taking the classes, the “Bucheon Foreign Workers Center.” They have weekend and weekday classes.
    My problem is that I enjoy the class I’m taking in Daejon but then I don’t actually make time to STUDY on my own in order to ingest the material adequately (since I’m taking a noncredit course).

    1. Bradley,

      Sorry, the comment got stuck in the spam for some reason. Yeah, I should ask Mark about that, but I wonder if they have something at my level? Low intermediate, that is, which would make beginner study interminable, but also would make anything too advanced a harrowing experience. I’ll ask Mark about leveling next time I see him. I could also find a private teacher, I guess.

      Speaking of ingesting, when are you coming here to ingest some dinner? Not that I’m hurrying you — I started my root canal today, ugh!

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