Spider & Jeanne Robinson Fundraiser (& Sofanaut Award Shortlist)

So, the crew of the good Starship Sofa are running a fundraiser for Spider and Jeanne Robinson, for the latter is struggling with a pernicious sort of cancer. If you donate, you can have a copy of Lawrence Santoro’s “Lord Dickens’s Declaration” in ebook form, in addition to the free podcast of the story (starting here, continuing here). Yes, I’ve made a contribution, and you should too. Even you godless types, like me, have Newtonmass to celebrate and be thankful for.

At the same time, Tony, the captain of the Starship Sofa, also informed me that “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues” is a finalist for a Sofanaut Awards, as mentioned by Mark Bormann in this podcast. Very flattering, so thank you to the listeners who voted for it!

Here’s hoping those who voted (for any story at all) also make a small donation to brighten Spider and Jeanne’s December.

3 thoughts on “Spider & Jeanne Robinson Fundraiser (& Sofanaut Award Shortlist)

  1. I am sorry to hear that Jeanne Robinson has cancer. I never met either of them, but “Meloncholy Elephants” and “God is an Iron” by Spider Robinson are still among my favorite short stories. I only have a hazy memory of it now, but Stardance was one of my favorite books during middle school (or was it high school?). Now, I think (if I reread the book) I will find it too sentimental, but during that time of my life, it was one of my favorite books. I should go to Amazon and see if there’s any of his books that I’ve missed. (Especially any short story collections).

  2. Thanks for the mention of LORD DICKENS DECLARATION, Gord. Selling well but it IS the Season everyone!

    Best wishes in the BEST OF…voting by the way. I don’t think were head-to-head in any of the categories.

  3. Junsok,

    Yeah, there’s lots of stuff I think I’d see differently if rereading now. Though for me Robinson is most familiar from appearances on the old Prisoners of Gravity TV show, which I saw in rerun in the late 1990s, when I was starting to get into SF.

    Oh, you can see some episodes here!


    Thanks! I wish you a fine [Holiday]*[/Holiday] as well as the best of luck to you too (the results aren’t out are they? Been too busy and out of the loop to know!) and good on you for putting your story up for the Robinsons!

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