Apocrypha Live ’98 excerpt

Right now I only have one music download for you of my own. It’s from Apocrypha Live ’98, by Apocrypha, the last band I played (semi-)regularly with in Saskatoon; one of our last live shows (in summer ’98) at a rave hosted by my friend Mike (aka DJ Dekoze) was recorded and actually mastered, produced, la la la.

Some of it is bad, some is good. It’s kind of a mix of ambient music, free jazz, and spoken word. Accordingly, some bits sound like the Bladerunner soundtrack and some of my soprano sax work reminds me of Jan Garbarek.

The track I’ve selected for this site is called Solomon’s Song, is almost 18 minutes long, and it’s ripped with good sound quality, so if you download it (old link dead, see here to download) be patient and make sure you have a lot of room for about 20 Megs of hard data.

Credits: myself on saxes, percussion, and poetry narration; Marie Vasquez on voice and percussion; Philip Greer and Keenan Gauthier in the DJ booth.

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