Ending Another Week

and now the week is done…

… and I find myself on the verge of an even more tiring weekend. I must go up to Seoul tomorrow to pick up one of my saxophones, which was being repaired, and test out a piece of equipment. I don’t really want to leave my house this weekend, to be honest. My ear infection (which supposedly isn’t an ear infection at all… actually, just isn’t an ear infection anymore, is still lingering and no doctor will give me enough medication to deal with it permanently; and I am exhausted from the busy week I had; and I frankly just want to hole up and work on my website. But my band will play two shows in Jeonju this weekend, so I have no real choice… so I’ll go see the ENT again and bitch about this, and then come home and pack for my overnight trip to Jeonju enroute through Seoul.

Kazaa Lite

… keeps crashing on my computer for some strange reason. I don’t really understand why, but it does.


… is short. So I have to go, again, of course.

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