Just Got Home

I just got back from a weekend in Seoul. We played at a club called Bbang (Bread) and our lead singer Myoung Jae’s mother came up from Sydney, Australia to see us! The highlight of the evening was seeing her and two of her sisters (I think they were her sisters or relatives?) singing along and waving their arms in the air to our one traditional tune, the Bet Norae (Boat Song). It was fun to see a crowd having fun with us. My friends Dong Han and Sun Hwa came out to see us, which was really nice.

I picked up a vocal effects pedal to plug my sax mic into, as well as a coffee pot and some clothes. I also managed to buy brie and camembert at a deli-like shop/restaurant outside the #6 exit of the Sinchon station in Seoul, called A Twosome Place. On the down side, my soprano sax still isn’t completely fixed. Sun Hwa is returning it to the same music shop for more repairs. Will it ever be fixed? I wonder… stay turned.

And tonight, I added an essay to my website; it’s about Art and Appropriation, and is ostensibly some kind of manifesto. Feedback is welcome!

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