The best travel agent in Korea.

I’m willing to bet that Mr. Jang-Yong Choi is the best travel agent in Korea. He works at Time Machine Travel up in Seoul. Here’s the company’s webpage. (It’s also available in Korean.)

Where other agents only checked the cheapest classes, he went one class up, checked on things, and managed to get me tickets to India via Bangkok, and back, with a short stopover in Bangkok, all for only a little over a million won! (About a thousand dollars, cheaper than anything I have been offered yet.) And on top of that, he even is looking up what I need to do to get a visa longer than one month to stay in India!

I highly highly recommend this company. Best travel agent work I’ve seen since coming here to Korea. We here at eclexys are mighty pleased.

UPDATE: Since then, he has gone down in quality. Severely. I barely made the last two flights I took, thanks to this guy. But in a pinch, I suppose he’ll do.

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  1. the plan is to meet up with Ritu for a little bit, get an orientation on how to operate in India (as I’ve not much idea), get down to Agra to see the Taj and what Ritu says are a few more interesting buildings, and then…

    head north. to? why, Dharamsala. i’ll have a house there for about two months, rented from the friend of a friend. it’s in the “Scotland of India”, so people say. it’s the town where the Tibetan Government in Exile is based, but… my real reason for going there is to have two months of quiet to read and to write. I’m gonna finish my novel while I am there, maybe get some work done on Tiaping is there’s time. a little exercise everyday (situps, pushups, maybe some makeshift weights if it’s possible, and whatnot) and probably some mountain hiking (tho it’ll be cold), some wandering about among the Tibetans, for I have after all been curious about their disapora for years, and did I mention finishing my novel, free from major distractions?

    Myoung Jae has urged me a few times to try get an audience with the Dalai Lama. I know it’s possible, but you have to apply ahead of time. we’ll see. I could perhaps bring him a little gift from Korea. I don’t know.

    ah, and I think I may let my hair grow out to see what it looks like. :)

    why did I reply this way? I will eventually have to blog all this. ah well.

    doesn’t that sound good?

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