My Favorite New Toy…

… is my flute. Brought it to band rehearsal tonight. Ended up promising I wouldn’t play it on every song forever, but it was fun trying it out in so many different tunes. Looks like it will be normally used in at least two songs, and rather useful for a few others once we get into the studio.

While in India I really MUST practice. I also need to print a flute fingering chart because my 3rd octave is really shaky, and it’s also the only octave audible above roaring guitar and bass riffs. Hmmm.

Flute flute flute. I don’t think any of the other guys ever expected to play in a rock band with a flute. Heh. I’m just evil enough to revel in putting them in this strange and perhaps embarrassing situation. I’m not embarrassed, though, and I’m not the only one who finds it actually fits well into some of the new songs!

Exciting business, as any change in a band is. I can’t wait till Myoung buys that keyboard he’s always talking about.

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