One Night in Bangkok

Yes, really. I missed my flight on Thursday, and ended up having to fly to Bangkok and spend a night here, though I didn’t know at the time how long I would actually be.

I was nervous until I checked my bookings online, and found someone had already made reservations for my make-up flight… the website said I would go to Delhi either on Saturday or Sunday. So I got a room at the Royal Hotel and wandered around Khoa San Road.

Somewhere along the way I ran into a nice East German girl who’d been on the shuttle bus over from the airport. We decided to have some fish and beer, and talked for a few hours, only afterward introducing ourselves. It was nice to meet this girl, Steffie, because she was so friendly and interesting… she was one of those backpacker sorts who’s gone to a whole string of countries and has millions of stories to tell (not just of her travels but also of her time in East Germany before the wall went down… Russian classes, political suppression like what she later say in Myanmar…).

Afterward I wandered off to buy something I cannot buy in Korea: antiperspirant. Then, a few pics of Khao San Road and it was off to glorious sleeeeep.

I have a lot of impressions I would like to post, but time is limited: I am catching a flight to Delhi at 6pm this evening, and I need to check out of my hotel, and then pick up a few things while I can, ie. while I am still in Bangkok. So I’ll end this post here, saying that this evening I should be safely in Ritu’s clutches in Gurgaon (near Delhi).

3 thoughts on “One Night in Bangkok

  1. Uh, well, I could blame the fact that there wasn’t a shuttle bus at the time when there was supposed to be one… or that I arrived for the one I planned to catch late… but I was basically a dumbass and left a little too late.

    It turned out good, though, as I got one fun night in Bangkok, spared Ritu and John waking early to come get me, and wasn’t on a flight turned back to Mumbai, of where there were a few recently. (Due to fog.) Anyway… it was all for the best.

  2. Hey,
    I was in Thailand over summer. It is really a great place. Bangkok is a kewl town if you are only there for a little while up after that it gets a little (a lot) dingy. Best of luck on the travels.


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