Cox & Forkum

I linked to this in a previous post, but I think it’s worth highlighting by itself anyway… actually, I find their politics repugnant at times, but at other times I can’t help but think they’re not completely wrong… here’s a blog of political cartoons by Cox & Forkum.

New Sophistry

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for the New Sophists’ Almanac, titled Rap and the Ghetto. I don’t know much about rap, mind you, but then again it’s primarily an attempt at a parallel with jazz history, and a bit of blabbing about what art is and how we may or may not […]

Musings On The Smiths

I think the most beautiful lyric on The Smiths’ Singles collection is in “This Charming Man”, the line, “I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear… This man said, “It’s gruesome that someone so handsome should care.” There’s something really desolate in the line, something very Oscar Wilde, something horribly […]