Again, With the Semi-Functional

UPDATE (25 Oct. 2013): Well, I seem to have sorted out 90% of my problems. It was email spammers who were causing my CPU minutes to be gobbled up like hotcakes at a lumberjack soirée, and modifying .htaccess to limit remote access to the login and comment systems cut off a lot of the unnecessary […]

Some Links

One Good Turn: Eugie Foster is fighting lymphoma, and could use a hand, if you’re so inclined… she has some ebooks for sale, which will help her pay for her treatment. I picked up a couple, and figured I’d pass the word on while I’m at it. Literary: Ever been curious to check out Baudelaire? Don’t […]


One thing I’ve noticed since coming to Vietnam is that the internet is way more spam-laden. I never saw a quarter so much spam in Korea as I do here, and I’m not sure why my spam-blockers don’t prevent the popup windows like they (presumably) did in Korea. A lot of the spam is for […]

The Cure for the Monday Blues…

Sometimes, reading the Korea Times is exactly like reading The Onion. This opinion piece, for example, suggests that the way to stop hating Monday mornings is simple… … don’t take weekends off. I bet his boss loves him… and wonder if anyone else in his life (wife? kids?) even recognize his face. I’ve met a […]

Ezra Pound Posts Delayed

This entry is part 26 of 49 in the series Blogging Pound's The Cantos

Those reading along will note that I missed last week’s Ezra Pound post: I got busy, and am still working my way through the source text I want to discuss. To add to that, I’m currently traveling and though I’ve read and thought about Cantos XXXI-XXXIII, I won’t be able to post about them until […]