Argh Argh Argh

Well, a subpage of this site that I wanted to launch soon is going to have to wait. I’m having trouble with WordPress coding. I’m probably just too distracted at the moment, but I kind of wish I could just drag-and-drop certain template patterns onto a widget-like layout for this particular template I’m using on […]

Noise by Hal Clement

Noise is the first Hal Clement novel I’ve read. (I would like to read Mission of Gravity, but the library where I work only has it in Korean!) It’s an odd choice to read, for my first Clement novel — it was his last published work, apparently, as he passed away a month after it […]

Brewing Tasks…

Well, I’m back at the point now of having some brewing tasks that seriously need doing. I figured I’d make a list of them, mainly so I have an idea in my mind of what I need to do, and when, in what order. Wonmisan Micro-aj pi ɛ?: Currently finished first round of dry-hop and […]

Ill? Maybe…

To those who are expecting an email or some kind of other contact: I woke up weirdly shaky, and tired, and bleah. I think I caught some kind of cold or something spending the day outdoors in sandals yesterday: it was colder than I expected! Anyway, I hope one more good night’s sleep fixes me […]