Clarion West 2007 Write-a-thon Wrap-up

I’ve fulfilled my write-a-thon goals! (Sort of.) “A Killing in Burma?: 2,545 words Weekly Total: 15,924 words Write-a-thon Total: 95,164 words That’s right, I’ve drafted a minimum of  15,000 words per week, and beaten my overall minimum quota of 90,000 words in six weeks by 5,164 words and one full day. I did this despite […]

Write-a-thon, Week 6 Continued

I’ve decided to start a new post for each day of the four remaining days of the write-a-thon, because it’s only four days and because, hee, I’m excited. Today, especially, I have reason to be excited. I drafted one and a half scenes and I stopped at a scene break, thinking, “I know what happens […]

Write-a-thon Week 6: An Early Start!

Well, to date I’ve been giving myself Sunday off for each week of the write-a-thon, and being sadly unproductive on Monday, at least during the last few weeks, but today, my mind was still deep into the question of geomantic warfare from where I left off last night, so I continued on today, and actually […]

Week 5 — Completed!

Well, that’s five weeks down and one more to go! As of dinnertime today (which was 9pm), my writing stats for the day were: “The Broken Path?: 3600 words (by 9:00pm) Weekly Total: 13,664 words Write-a-thon Total: 77,761 words I added another chunk of writing to “The Broken Path,” in what seems to be my […]