Write-a-thon Update

I did some conversation exam midterms — the air conditioner in my office was broken, and it was HOT until it was fixed in the afternoon — and when I got home, I suddenly slept until darkness fell. I am still exhausted, but besides grocery shopping, I got in  1,403 words (426 on “McWar,” with a nasty, gross breakthrough, and 977 on To the Happy Country…). I was hoping to do some reading tonight — more on North Korea and all that — but I’m exhausted still, and I can’t complain, since I did finish Cormac McCarthy’s depressing/beautiful/horrible/damned-good novel The Road today — so I think I’ll just watch an episode of something mindless and go to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Write-a-thon Update

  1. Actually, my response was more like, “Oprah chose this book for her club?” It was pretty weird for me to find that sticker on it, being that it’s in fact an SF novel about life after a nuclear holocaust and all that…

    Then again, I’d also read Beloved a long time ago, before (or just when) this book club business had started.

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