Website Update Ongoing

Update (8/10/2017): Yeah, that template? It went bye-bye within an hour, when the site slowed to a crawl. Ugh. I’ll find something else. As I say: things are gonna be a mess for a few days.  Original post: If you’re dropping by my webpage, you’ll probably notice it’s a bit of a mess. A bunch […]

Again, With the Semi-Functional

UPDATE (25 Oct. 2013): Well, I seem to have sorted out 90% of my problems. It was email spammers who were causing my CPU minutes to be gobbled up like hotcakes at a lumberjack soirée, and modifying .htaccess to limit remote access to the login and comment systems cut off a lot of the unnecessary […]

Semi-Functional For a Bit

UPDATE: I think I may have found the solution to my problem. We’ll see in a day or two, I guess… ORIGINAL POST: Not many visitors bother with my Tag Archive or Archives, but they might notice that other functionalities are reduced at the moment. I’m having problems with one or another plugin eating memory […]