Ezra Pound Posts Delayed

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Those reading along will note that I missed last week’s Ezra Pound post: I got busy, and am still working my way through the source text I want to discuss. To add to that, I’m currently traveling and though I’ve read and thought about Cantos XXXI-XXXIII, I won’t be able to post about them until […]

The Beastie Has Landed…

I’m in Jakarta now, and in one piece — despite the insane, once-in-a-century once-in-seventy-years dump of snow we got on the departure day. It took three hours to get to the airport, instead of the usual one and a half, but the trip went well. More later…

Soon to Return to Perhaps More Programming than of Late

But not tonight. It’s my last night in St. Louis, and I’ll be catching a plane tomorrow. My cat-nap this afternoon means I’ll probably only sleep four hours tonight, but that’s cool. I need to get to the airport early anyway. Here’s hoping I get an emergency exit seat on the plane back to Korea. […]

Back to the…

Well, I can’t actually say it’s “back to the grind,” because, just like with different coffees, each semester is unique. I realize I haven’t posted in ages, and getting back into that habit will be particularly tough given how busy I’m going to be this semester. Not that my classload is particularly onerous: I have […]

Things to Post About

Last night at the launch of the Seoul Science Fiction & Fantasy Library — an amazing project I’ll post about soon — the writer/translator Jeong So-Yeon reminded me that I hadn’t yet posted about our experience at SOAO Workshop up on Sobaeksan, which has prompted me to write this post of things I need to […]