Jeonju — A Culinary Pilgrimage

I’ve long promised a roundup of places in Jeonju that I’d recommend to people… or, rather, places that I make a point of going when I’m in Jeonju myself. For anyone not in (or going to) Korea, well… this might be of less interest to you, unless you love reading abut amazing restaurants that you’ll […]

I’m Back in Korea, And Yes, It’s Just Food Poisoning

I got back to Korea this morning. Just in case anyone was wondering. No major delay in the flight, no big problems. I am sleepy, but had to bang out a syllabus for that Business Across Cultures course. Yay! The Corporation is available online. (In a few places.) By the way, as the KCDC gotten […]

A Robot Dream

Last night I dreamed of robots; big, huge, slightly abstract impressionist robots made out of lattices of material; huge, primary-colored lattices of stuff. They were fighting. Laser blasts. Projectiles — more of this primary colored lattice-stuff. They were shouting at one another in weird, digitizal-static voices that sounded like a parody of the voices of […]

The Beastie Has Landed…

I’m in Jakarta now, and in one piece — despite the insane, once-in-a-century once-in-seventy-years dump of snow we got on the departure day. It took three hours to get to the airport, instead of the usual one and a half, but the trip went well. More later…

Launch Pad, Here I Come!

I’m just trying to get tickets booked — it’s harder than I thought! — but since Mike Brotherton has announced the list of attendees for this year’s Launch Pad Workshop, and since I’m one of them, I figured it would be remiss if I did not include an expression of heartfelt glee here as well. […]