To Do, New

In my last personal post, I mentioned how I was focusing on three things this semester: time management expectations management novel-drafting I mentioned how I need to get all three in the bag if I’m going to fulfill my goals for the semester. Allow me to back up a bit to explain. I came to […]

Oxytocin and Social Networking

This article is interesting, though its title, “Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love,” should have a question mark at the end, since the experiment (with Twitter) was a simple one-off. I’d be very curious to see studies of people who use Social Media professionally. (Like, say, someone like pro SF authors twittering like […]

Back on my feet (sorta)

All the posts that have gone up in the past four or five days have been prewritten, in fact were pre-scheduled a week or more ahead of time. Why am I mentioning this? Because anyone following along on my blog might think I was okay the past weekend, when in fact I had the worst […]

What Is and Isn’t Fun About a Sigmoid Endscopy

Don’t worry, I won’t give you the gory details, but: WHAT’S NOT FUN ABOUT A SIGMOID ENDOSCOPY… Er, well, there’s the obvious. Like, those alien abduction reportees? They picked a doozy of a procedure for their imaginary aliens to perform on them. (1) Various other minor side effects afterward, like, er, well, scentless flatulence (2) […]

I’m Back in Korea, And Yes, It’s Just Food Poisoning

I got back to Korea this morning. Just in case anyone was wondering. No major delay in the flight, no big problems. I am sleepy, but had to bang out a syllabus for that Business Across Cultures course. Yay! The Corporation is available online. (In a few places.) By the way, as the KCDC gotten […]