Launch Pad Workshop Opens for Applications

I was swamped back in February, so I forgot to post about the application deadline for Clarion West, which was a couple of weeks ago, but for those who are working in a creative capacity–not just as a writer, mind you–the Launch Pad workshop is open for applications. Basically, it’s a crash course in astronomy […]

Starship Sofa Workshop

I’ve been ill, and haven’t managed to mention, something here that I’m sure some of my readers might be interested in. Tony Smith, my friend and the driving force behind Starship Sofa, has launched a workshop series for aspiring SF authors. The first one will be held on 12 March, online, and live. There’s a pretty […]

Launch Pad Open to Applications

I blogged about my experience at Launch Pad here before, and most recently discussed it with a group of other participants here, but I just want to highly, highly recommend that anyone working in science-popularization, in SF media or literature, who would like to have her or his mind blown a bunch of times in […]

Launch Pad, Here I Come!

I’m just trying to get tickets booked — it’s harder than I thought! — but since Mike Brotherton has announced the list of attendees for this year’s Launch Pad Workshop, and since I’m one of them, I figured it would be remiss if I did not include an expression of heartfelt glee here as well. […]