Starship Sofa Workshop

I’ve been ill, and haven’t managed to mention, something here that I’m sure some of my readers might be interested in. Tony Smith, my friend and the driving force behind Starship Sofa, has launched a workshop series for aspiring SF authors. The first one will be held on 12 March, online, and live.

There’s a pretty respectable lineup and series of topics planned:

  • The Beginning – Gregory Frost
  • Plot Tricks from the Dark Side – James Patrick Kelly
  • How To Fix Your Story After It’s Written and You Discover That It Doesn’t Work – Michael Swanwick
  • Why Writing Groups – Mercurio D. Rivera
  • What An Editor Wants – Sheila Williams
  • Question And Answers – All

It’s £30.00 if you register early, or £35.00 if you sign up after February 27th. You can see more information here.

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