Comments Closing on Old Posts

Not that most visitors will notice, but I’ve closed comments on all posts more than a few weeks old. I figure, the fewer potential targets for spam comments, the better. That is, in theory. I’m not sure it’ll make any difference, but I’m hoping it will.

New Series Plugin

Well, earlier this month I noticed that my last WordPress update finally killed the functionality of the plugin I’d been using to arrange posts in series, and I resolved to find something else. I finally have, but it took me a good chunk of time getting the posts into the series (which means it’s pretty […]

Starship Sofa Workshop

I’ve been ill, and haven’t managed to mention, something here that I’m sure some of my readers might be interested in. Tony Smith, my friend and the driving force behind Starship Sofa, has launched a workshop series for aspiring SF authors. The first one will be held on 12 March, online, and live. There’s a pretty […]

The Load is Over

Which is not to say exam period is over. I mean, I’m overloaded, so… I’ve done up a series of posts starting today, about the issue of using essays in Korean content courses. That’s going to be what my blog displays on autopilot this week, one post a day, as I work my way through […]